Exploring what excellence means and looks like in trusts across the country is a central part of the MAT Excellence Awards process. We want to share effective, high quality and innovative practice, in order to provide examples which trusts across the country can consider and adapt for their own context.

It's a privilege to be asked to judge nominations... it's going to be a wonderful celebration of practice

The cummulative knowledge, experience and expertise of the judging panel will help in achieving this goal. We are grateful to the trust CEOs and leaders and practitioners from a range of organisations who are supporting us by giving their time and scrutinising every submission.

Who are our judges?

The collage above features seven members of our panel of 27 judges. Starting top left and moving around clockwise, they are:

  • Cath Kitchen - Chairperson, National Association for Hospital Education
  • John Danvers - European Innovation Director, Ixion Innovation
  • Shonagh Reid - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant
  • Tim McCarthy - School Improvement and Leadership Consultant
  • Leora Cruddas - Chief Executive of CST
  • Mark Blois - Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP
  • John Murphy - Education Leadership Advisor and Mentor

Check out the full panel of judges.

Why be a judge?

‘It’s great to be part of awards that celebrate the wonderful work trusts do to support their community of learners,’ says Stephen Morales, CEO of ISBL and lead judge for the MAT Excellence Awards. ‘It’s going to be a wonderful celebration of practice.’